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REED G Series Concrete Pumps

REED B Series Concrete Pump Image
*G Series Specifications (HTML format)*
*G Series Specification Sheet (PDF format)*

REED G Series Pumps Feature...

POWERFUL Ford 6.2L V8 Gasoline Engine. Powerful Gasoline Engine is also used on the Ford Raptor pickup truck. This economical engine provides approximately the same torque/performance as a 110hp diesel pump. The Ford's small footprint size, lack of a DEF fluid tank, and lack of a bulky aftermarket emissions package allow us to fit this power package into the same heavy duty frame as our Tier 3 diesel B Series pumps.

Strongest Trailer and Axle in the Industry.
18" of steel between the engine and 9000lb axle on most models. REED pumps are the most heavy-duty pumps in the industry, bar none. Compare the weight of a REED Pump to the competition - that extra weight means extra reinforcement. The REED is built like a tank.

Low Hopper Height (only 43")
Easy for mixer trucks to load. MUCH easier to clean than our competitors' pumps. Easy for mixer drivers to see concrete level.

Superfast Changing S-Tube. Fast changeover means less pulsation and better consistency for pumping grout, pea gravel, shotcrete and big rock line pumping.

Inexpensive, Long-lasting Polyurethane Piston Cups. These are MUCH less expensive than rubber piston rams offered by competitors. Over the long run - this will save you a LOT of cash!

Many Common Hydraulic Hoses. Just a few hoses will back up the entire pump. In addition, the REED pumps use steel hydraulic lines whenever possible for straight runs.

Integrated Locking Toolbox. A convenient storage place near the hitch.


Hopper Agitator (An auger-type remixer comes standard on B70)

Twin Shifting Cylinders (Come standard on B20HP & B70)

Hydraulic Outriggers

Radio or Cable Remote Control

Hopper Vibrator

Side Security Doors

Mixer Attachment Hydraulically-driven lift mixer attachment available. Standard or heavy-duty.

Truck Mounting REED can truck-mount any B Series Pump. (Paint color is also optional.)

Skid Mounting REED can skid-mount any B Series Pump.

Track Mounting REED can track-mount any B Series Pump. (Paint color is also optional)

Dual Axles REED can mount on optional dual axles.

REED can do just about any other option you'd like - call us at (909) 287-2100 to inquire

Shotcrete with REED C Series Pump

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